All anal positions

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For some, anal sex can be intimidating. Since most people assume that anal comes with complicated preparations, acrobatic positions and unavoidable pain, they shy away from doing it. Go ahead and spice up your sex life with some booty action. Here are some of the best anal sex positions for backdoor fun. Just for your reference though, the giver is one penetrating the anus, while the receiver is the one getting penetrated.

Missionary is one of the most common sex positions, as well as one of the most intimate positions for some steamy lovemaking. Difficulty: Beginner This position is good for those who are still nervous about anal sex but curious enough to do it. Just choose a beginner-friendly butt plug for comfortable use.

New Vector Prostate Massager Get yourself a wild ride with the Cowgirl position. This is perfect for beginners as the receiver can control the depth and pace. They can move in their preferred pace, angle, and depth. If your man wants a full view of your cute ass, this is the perfect position for that. To spice it up, you can use a Doggy-Style Strap for additional support. If you want to get all comfy and snuggly, this is the ideal anal sex position. The receiver has also a decent amount of control on how the giver deeply penetrates them.

Teaspooning is a more kneeled-down variation of spooning. If you want to spice up the typical spooning position, you can never go wrong with this one. Also, you can easily switch to other positions such as doggy when doing the teaspooning. Let your man take over. This intimate position is similar to spooning, but with the giver on top. Difficulty: Beginner This is an easy butt sex position especially for receivers who are not that used with anal sex.

They only need to communicate properly with their preferred pace and depth. The Leap Frog is a simple anal sex position similar to Doggy Style. You can also transition on different positions with Leap Frog easily. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and do the fiery deed away from the bed , this might be the butt play position for you. For a hotter experience, the receiver can also turn around and make eye contact with the giver.

Pearly Gates is a heavenly position for those who wanted to get extra intimate with their man while getting some backdoor action. Difficulty: Experienced It may look simple but there are a lot of things to consider such as the weight of the partner. The Dicktator Vibrating D Give your man a wild ride with the Jockey position. This anal sex position is similar to the prone bone. This position is perfect if the receiver wants a more passive role during the session.

Keep those buns pleasured. The sandwich butt sex position is perfect for those who want to hit the right spot. It also brings extra closeness as you can perfectly make eye contact with this position. Difficulty: Experienced Even though this position is similar to missionary, which is a fairly easy position for anal sex, the Sandwich requires some flexibility for the receiver and extra strength for the giver, since they is taking mostly the control.

Drive each other wild with the butterfly anal sex position. This position is ideal for couples who wanted to have sex outside of the bedroom. But if you prefer doing it in the bedroom, no worries as you can still do this position in the bed. If the bed is too low, he can kneel instead of standing up. Craving for some intense anal sex?

This position is best for those who prefer deeper penetration. For a steamier experience, you can watch some sexy shows or series to keep the mood. Difficulty: Experienced Squatting can get uncomfortable as time goes on, so extra strength from the giver is needed. Among the different anal sex positions presented on this guide, Anvil works the best since this sex position provides more access to the bumhole. Difficulty: Experienced It requires a bit of flexibility from the receiver since the giver is leaning against their legs.

The Bodyguard position is something you would like to try if you want to keep close with your boo. Do you and your partner want to get penetrated at the same time? Fulfill that fantasy with this frisky anal sex position.

All you need is some lubed-up dildos and great coordination for this one. Difficulty: Experienced This position is great for anal sex since both you have full control on the penetration. However, it still needs some coordination for a much enjoyable experience. Make sure the lube is within reach when doing this position. If you want to try a more challenging version of Doggy Style, you might wanna delve into this sex position.

Difficulty: Expert It requires extra strength and flexibility for the receiver. You can also use a Doggy-Style Position Strap for more comfort. The giver needs to be extra careful when doing this position to avoid their partner falling from the chair. Wanna try a weird anal sex position? Bring on the backdoor fun with the Cross position. Are you up for some challenging anal sex? Difficulty: Expert For this position, the receiver should have extra strength and flexibility as squatting can be uncomfortable when doing it for quite some time.

Go for something playful. The See Saw Position is a great anal sex position for those who wanted to make intense eye contact with their partner. Want to take the spotlight and let your man simply enjoy the show? Go for the Lap Dance. This thrilling position is perfect for receivers who have enough stamina to do most of the action. Difficulty: Expert This position is pretty easy for the giver since all they need to do is to sit down and support the receiver.

However, this will be challenging for the receiver since they are doing most of the work. Opposites do attract with this unusual anal sex position. The Poles Apart is a twisty variant to the spooning position. Difficulty: Expert Both partners should coordinate well when doing this position because of this position is pretty unique compared to other anal sex positions. Get incredibly close. This lotus-like position is great for those who wanted to get super intimate with their partners. Nothing will get you more closer to your partner with a tight hug and some anal penetration.

Also, if one or both of you have big tummies, this might not work well. Wanna go all out? This position is a fiercer version of missionary and is good for those who want to receive deeper anal penetrations. The receiver should do other mild anal sex positions first before engaging to this. Do you have an exercise ball lying around?

You may wanna try this fun yet demanding butt sex position. Difficulty: Expert You need to be extra careful with this as one wrong move and you could both hurt yourself in this position. For the giver, they need to focus on balancing the fitness ball while giving adequate thrusts to their partner.

Want to go all out? This exotic lovemaking position is one of the hardest anal sex positions as it requires extra strength and flexibility on both of you. Are you up for the challenge? Check the steps below. Difficulty: Expert Just by looking at the illustration, you can already tell how demanding this position is. For the Pile Driver, both of you need to have extra strength and flexibility to successfully do this position. Before trying out these anal sex positions, check out these tips first. These tips will amplify your pleasure when doing some rear entry action.

You can reassure them, give them some beginner-friendly butt plugs to play with but most importantly, let your partner take some time.

All anal positions

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