Peeing kink

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Top definition. Noun 1. A fetish in which the person, male or female, will tend to get aroused by, or provoke thoughts of, peeing or holding in pee. This fetish can, in turn, lead to different locations and different challenges for the person to experience this feeling, and is not the best for your bladder and kidneys.

Jul 15 Word of the Day. Planetary Quarantine. The safeguarding of Earth and other worlds from biological cross-contamination i. Forward contamination is the transfer of viable organisms from Earth to another celestial body. Back contamination is the transfer of extraterrestrial organisms, if such exist, back to the Earth's biosphere.

Billionaires are having a dick swinging space race while the earth experiences record breaking heatwaves that cause sea creatures to literally cook inside their shells. We need planetary quarantine. A pee fetish is when you have a strong desire to pee in odd places and be around pee frequently. This may include the simple thing of peeing in you bed with another person there. It also may include sleeping in someone else's pee. Having a pee fetish is not a problem, though it is a weird desire slash obsession to have, most will overlook this fetish if you do not push you strong desires to be around pee on them.

If you are curious if you have a pee fetish you can check this list of symptoms or traits of those with pee fetishes. You have peed in your bed 2. You have peed in your bed along with someone else there. You have peed in your bed along with another person peeing in the bed as well.

You have slept in a bed once you have peed in it. You have peed in places that are unusual, like your closet. You have a bucket deated as the pee bucket 7. You have know that another person has peed in a bed and then proceed to sleep in that bed while the pee is still wet.

People who have pee fetishes do tend to frequently deny having them. The first step in accepting, or overcoming your fetish this depends on if you like having a pee fetish or not , is to accept that you have one. It is best to be open about this fetish so others are not shocked about your extreme love for pee. This is a pee fetish that is not sexual. There are pee fetishes that are sexual, however this is not one.

This fetish is simply a love for pee. There is no sexual arousal from peeing on someone or watching them pee in this particular fetish. Do not be alarmed if you have hooked up in a pee covered area. This does not mean that pee turns you on sexually, it just means that you have no problem with being covered in pee. Having a pee fetish is not necessarily a problem. You true friends will still love you and accept you for who you are. Kaci slept in a pee covered bed last night and enjoyed her time spent there, she has a pee fetish.

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Peeing kink

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#Youasked: My husband likes me to pee during sex! Is that normal?