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Ashley Barselt stripped off her gym uniform, when she was naked, she ed the girls heading into the showers. Ashley was pumped up, she had the best times in the meter, meter and meter, and her place on the athletic team was secured. Being 5 foot 9 inches tall, with a long, lean build, slender and well toned, powerful legs and a natural, easy fluid motion when she ran, it was like she had been born to competitive running. The communal shower was full of the excited chatter of the class of 16 year old girls, lots of giggles as the soap was passed around. Ashley noticed some of the girls were washing each others backs, and some of the washing seemed less like scrubbing clean, and a lot more like stroking and caressing.

Something else that was very popular in this day and age among girls her age, was the bald pussy look. In the class of 20 girls, only herself and Allison Gorbell still had the full, lush pubic pelt. Ten of the girls had no pubic hair at all, they always kept themselves totally bald and smooth, while the other 8 girls in her class kept themselves well trimmed to a very sparse, wispy covering. She noticed that her pelt of pubic curls got a lot of looks from the bare pussy crowd.

With shower water dripping off her body, Ashley made her way back to her locker. With it being the last class, and today being a Friday, the girls were in a hurry to get dressed and out of school for the weekend. The bank of lockers where hers was was empty, and she reached in for her towel. She heard a noise behind her and turned. The ten girls who shaved their pussies were around her in a semi-circle. With sly smiles, Roberta Benson raised her hand, displaying a set of hair cutting scissors. Paula Bladesell displayed a razor in her hand. Faye Vanderbell showed the can of shaving gel that she was holding.

Ashley was startled at the way they were looking at her, then as she saw the articles they were holding, she started to get the picture. Probably want me to shave it off, she thought, right here and right now. Faye said, "Gloria, go lock the door, make sure we are not disturbed. We want to shave you, right now. Will you let us do what we want? Ashley was taken aback by the idea that they were going to shave her. The girls closed in, and Faye took hold of her upper right arm, while Paula took hold of the other. Their grips were not hard, or painful, but they were firm. Faye said to her, "Relax Ashley, just relax.

We like to wait until we have the shower just to ourselves, then out come the razors and the shaving gel. Come with us Ashley. Ashley realized protesting would be of no use, being outed , by her classmates that were as fit as she was, she was in their control. Like it or not, her pussy was about to get shaved. They lead her back into the showers, and Jenni Nardstrim brought in a large inflatable air mattress. Ashley did as requested, as the girls formed a circle around her, she instinctively bent her legs at the knees and spread her thighs wide, exposing her dark brown furry mound. Ok Roberta, you start whittling it down, " Faye directed.

Ashley could feel light touches of fingers and the cold metal of the scissors as Roberta started in. It only took a few minutes before the clipping was done, and Roberta nodded, evidently satisfied with her work. Ashley felt warm water being poured over her mound, rinsing away the stray strands. Ashley felt the gel being applied. Ashley stared up at the hot crimson flesh hovering over her.

With no hair in the way, Ashley could see right up between the part of her slick lips, could see the dewy wet inner flesh. Getting shaved always makes me so horny, and watching other girls get their first shaving turns me on too. Smell my sweet cunny baby, smell the delicious heated scent " Hanna cooed. She smelled the rich, steamy scent wafting around her nostrils, and she felt a pulse. Come on Ashley, you can admit it. Now, tell me, are you getting horny? Is the shaving making your cunny hot and eager? Ashley did as she was asked, and her tongue slid along the dewy slick lips.

Ashley may have been new to the game of licking pussy, but she made up for it with enthusiasm. This content appeared first on new sex story. She loved what Ashley was doing as she squeezed her head gently with her thighs. As Hanna climbed off, Ashley felt more warm water rinsing over her pubic area.

Then, she felt the hands of all 10 girls lifting her up, she was watching the ceiling as they carried her along, and she was set down gently on a pile of gym mats. She heard Faye growl huskily, "Oh yeah, all bare and smooth, just the way we like it. Ashley was letting out soft cries and noises of pleasure, she could feel herself climbing towards an orgasm that was gonna be a blowout.

Her clit had risen up from its hooded canopy, bright pink, stiff and erect, and Faye eagerly surrounded her twitching clit, surrounding her throbbing pleasure button in her hot, wet mouth, her tongue swiping at it, pulling on it, and Ashley felt her orgasm quickly pick up speed, racing at her. Hanna softly chanted, "Cum Ashley, cum for us baby, feel your clit being licked to a frenzy, and cum baby, cum!

Ashley felt her deep inner walls start that telltale quivering, then her pussy convulsed, and her orgasm was on her, tearing a shriek of pleasure from her. As her orgasm started to ebb, Faye pulled her mouth away, and Ashley could see her face, shiny wet with the juices of her climax, smiling at her.

Ashley was on fire, she wanted to kiss that face that had given her such pleasure, the fact that she was going to passionately kiss another girl was no longer of any importance. She beckoned, and Faye got the message. Faye pulled her mouth away, grinned, and whispered, "Would you like to lick my cunt, Ashley? At her eager nod, Faye took position, her coral lips parted, letting Ashley see all the hot, dewy inner pinkness, her lips swollen with excitement.

Ashley did so, the tip of her tongue started to probe that soft, pink, inviting opening, bringing a squeal of pleasure from Faye. Ashley was quickly learning how to lick pussy, and how to do it right. Faye let out a full throated shriek as she felt the squeezing urge, then the glorious feel of release, as she squirted her girl cum. Ashley felt her pussy get another blaze of lust, as her face got plastered with the juices of her 16 year old classmate. Her talented tongue licked eagerly, before bringing off Roberta to a glorious orgasm, Roberta was a squirter also, and Ashley got another sheet of girl cum splattered all over her face.

Afterwards, Ashley inspected herself in the full length mirror, seeing herself totally bare, the girls had not missed even one strand, and as promised, no nicks. She liked the look of her smooth, clean shaven pubis, and running her hand down, and lightly cupping her sex, she liked the feel of it, too. Now that you are a member of our club, you can us in giving Allison her first shaving. Allison was hot, with very blond hair, and a pubic tuft to match, dark blue eyes, an almost angelic face, she was maybe 10 pounds heavier that Ashley, with orange sized tits and very prominent nipples, and a nice curve to her hips.

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Erotic shaving stories

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