How to cuckold your man

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Making your husband a cuckold can be one of the most rewarding and exciting things you have ever done. A successfully cuckolded husband will do whatever you want and be completely submissive to you! He will gladly satisfy all your sexual cravings, take care of all the chores at home, allow you to have sex with whomever and whenever you wish, take any amount of humiliation you desire, and of course, love you unconditionally.

But be warned, cuckolding may not be so easy as you think. The process can be long, complicated, energy-consuming, and by no means sure of success. It may take weeks or months before you succeed. In the end though, it will be worth it! Now, one of the most important things is to have a completely open and honest communication path between the two of you. Communication that includes no judgment but respect towards the other in all their opinions and beliefs.

Next important thing is to be completely honest with yourself and evaluate what you really want. Is it just no strings sex with others and your husband approving? Is it sex with others and your husband in a state where he is completely removed from whatever you do? Is it having your husband humiliated or sissified for your entertainment? Yes, you can and will learn how to treat your husband in this cuckold lifestyle. You will probably lack confidence in the beginning but this is normal. Make small steps and find your way.

Your confidence will grow with time and positive . Do not confuse your initial lack of confidence with a lack of commitment. Be committed and consistent. Your age is not so important. Weight is not so important. Beauty is not important either. These things are simply not relevant. You will be surprised how unimportant conventional standards of beauty are when you get into this lifestyle. Attitude is the key! Erotic power is your weapon to ignite passion in your husband and in your marriage in general. Your erotic power is the strength and force that you can exert to arouse sexual desire.

Erotic power is your tool to exercise control over your husband through his sexual desire and needs and to achieve your personal goals. Your erotic power will become the focal point of your renewed marital relationship.

But this is not a substitute for love. It is and must be another form of your love. This must become for both of you a new and powerful expression of your love for one another. Erotic power will shape and transform your marriage. Erotic power is an expression of love. You express your love for your husband through your erotic power. And you rediscover your love for him as he honours you and submits to your loving authority. You can indulge and broaden your love of him by setting a higher standard and encourage his efforts to meet it.

If you want to properly train and control your husband you must not need his penis. You must be sexually independent. Masturbate often. Buy vibrators, dildos, lotions, clothing, and pornography. Have fun and explore! You may visit some online or local sex shop and seek for ideas. The key is whenever you feel you need sex, train yourself to find satisfaction from a source other than your husband.

Many men fantasized about being sexually dominated by a woman. Erotic power — the combination of sex and authority — directly taps into this natural submissive sexual response. Once you learn to tap into that response in the bedroom, you can tap into it any time of the day. He will become putty in your hands. But you must work on both his brain and penis. His focus needs to be directed to you, and ONLY you.

Be very verbal and reinforce his behaviour. Think of it like this, the dog needs to be walked, the cat needs to be feed, and your husband needs to be taught EACH day. You must tell him what you want him to do, each day. He must understand that the best gratification comes from you and the more he pleases and obeys you, the better or more frequent that gratification will be. But you have to start delicately. Many of the sites on the Internet recommend chastity and NOT allowing your husband to masturbate. All men masturbate!

Now you have a choice — you can pretend that it is not true, or you can use it to take control of him. They say that boys under 20 could masturbate up to 4 times each day, up to 3 times each day, even men over 50 can average once a day! So first get him naked then talk to him. Let him know that you want to take control of all his orgasms and get an agreement that he will let you be in charge of his penis.

Then force him to masturbate, a lot, more often than he has been doing. You can try the following — tell him to masturbate times a day the first few weeks. Then for the next few weeks times a day, then down to times per week. Later make sure to tell him on occasion NOT to masturbate. You want to make his mind race with when your next instruction will come. Trust me — your husband will be much more willing to please you knowing that his reward is getting to masturbate. Taking this away will make him work hard to get it right back, but, take it away too long and he will build resentment and just do it anyway!

So be smart, watch his reactions and push him to your desired direction. This sexual energy can then be used to remodel his personality. You can give him a peek up your skirt. You can have him help you change clothes. Or you can go about the house from time to time dressed in fancy underwear or a skimpy nightie. The more you keep him aroused the easier it will be for you to control him. Your submissive husband can take on more of the domestic housework if you wish.

The more praise he gets, the more he will do. When, for example, your husband does the dishes, you should give him some attention. Such an arousing gesture, consistently given, reinforces the association between the promise kept and sex and therefore reinforces the keeping of promises. Tell him when he is done with the filth in the kitchen you have some filth between your legs that will need cleaning and watch how fast he gets to work. It is well known that men love to do domestic chores for a dominant Female. Your submissive husband will enjoy the attention and direction that you will be giving him.

You will make it clear on how you expect him to serve you by doing domestic chores around the house. You may discover that what helps your husband with his domestic chores is how you dress him for his tasks. Find out what is going on in his head. He may be naked, with an apron or dressed up as a sissy maid when he is doing the house cleaning. If your husband likes to dress up this is a good place to do it.

Get him an apron, maids outfit or a full girls outfit many options online , then all you have to do is lay it out for him and when he is dressed treat him like your personal maid. The submissive man craves serving his woman. When he bathes you, shaves your legs, shaves your sex if you want it shaved , or gives you a massage or a shower it plays into how he is wired. Oral sex, by which I mean cunnilingus, is an important element of a wife-led marriage for a couple of reasons.

First, you want him to focus on your sexual satisfaction, even to the point of giving you orgasms more frequently than you allow him. Oral sex obviously satisfies that, or at least it will once he gets good at it. But as importantly, oral sex has connotations of social hierarchy. Generally speaking, when one person is giving oral sex to another, the one receiving it is perceived to be in a position of power over the one giving it.

By demanding and receiving oral sex from your husband you are asserting your dominance over him. In giving oral sex, he is submitting himself to you. Needless to say, you should never give your husband oral sex, only your lovers if you decided to have them. However, while many men today are comfortable performing oral sex on their wives most are not and some are absolutely horrified at the thought. If your husband is inexperienced with giving oral sex it is likely that he will initially resist the idea both because of the social connotations and because he will imagine it to be dirty.

But by removing his objection to the scent and taste you can focus on overcoming his objection to the power dynamic. This can be an important opportunity for you to gain confidence in your ability to direct sex to your own satisfaction as well as to advance his trust in you to initiate beneficial changes in your marriage. The very things that may initially repel him will eventually become a powerful addiction for him.

In time he will crave your scent and taste and will seek your permission to satisfy you orally. The greater his initial objection about giving oral sex, the greater will be the emotional impact when he learns to enjoy it. If you teach your husband to give you oral sex then you can enjoy quickies at any time.

You can do this not just in bed before you go to sleep, but also in the morning before you dress for work or in the evening when you come home to him. Use your imagination. A sexual fetish is an object or an act that a man finds to be sexually stimulating. So the woman who controls the fetish has all the power over her man.

How to cuckold your man

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